Walking Holiday in Morocco

If you are looking for something different, Morocco is the destination for you. Magical perfumes, spices, monkey performance and snake charmers; Moroccan cities buzz with merchants who sell strange items you have never seen elsewhere. Trek the red deserts and witness the life of nomads in a world many do not dare to visit.



GUIDED: This walking holiday will be like no other walking holiday with unique opportunity of camping out under the stars each night and roaming through valley and mountains where nomads still travel from one oasis to the next. Enjoy freshly prepared Moroccan cuisine under the shade of a palm or almond tree.




GUIDED: This adventurous 3 day hike in the Ourika Valley will bring you through the stunning three Berber Valleys. You will be walking through time-honored Berber villages and trekking through the passes from Valley ait Misane to Valley Imenane and completing your journey in the Ourika Valley.


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