2 Nov | Julia

The West Highland Way: The Story of My Walking Holiday in Scotland

My trip to the West Highland Way was different than any other trip I have been on before. The varying terrain types made it truly unique. We passed through lowland moors, dense woodlands, and high mountainous regions. All these terrain types are perfect for an adventurer’s holiday. The first few days of walking brought us …


18 Oct | Julia

A Walk Through the Astounding Views of Dachstein, Austria

I grew up in the mountains, but they do not compare to these beautiful mountains in Austria. While still in the planning stages of my travels, the mighty Dachstein sounded intimidating. Standing at 2995 meters high, and being named a UNESCO world heritage site, I just could not talk myself out of it. The tour …


17 Oct | Julia

Hiking in Tuscany: History, Culture, and Adventure

After seeing many of my friends and their families take trips to Italy the past few years, I figured it was finally time for me to stop listening to their stories and accounts of the Tuscan countryside and go see it myself. I chose a hiking holiday because I wanted to fully immerse my senses in …


12 Oct | Gail

Walking through Romania: Unique Adventures and Encounters

My sister Emma and I went on a walking holiday to the Dolomites Mountains in Italy last year. We had itchy feet to go to another mountain range by foot, so we decided to do something different – we decided to go walking through Romania – more specifically, to Transylvania Carpathians Traverse in Romania.   …


2 Oct | Julia

The Life and History of Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis is a co-patron Saint of Italy with Saint Catherine of Siena. Born in Italy to a prosperous silk and spice merchant father and a noblewoman mother, Saint Francis was one of seven children. In his early years, Francis studied Latin and vernacular, music, poetry, French and Provençal. Saint Francis’ born name was Giovanni ...


29 Aug | Geraldine

Amalfi Coast and It’s Many Dazzles (Guided Tour)

Amalfi Coast is a coastline at the south of Italy, stretching with its brilliance on the Mediterranean Sea. It is often engulfed by tourists who are fascinated by its rich history and colourful culture. And here is another story of a traveller who came for the simple beauty but left with her core shaken and ...


25 Aug | Geraldine

Transylvania Walk: Adventurers’ blog

People say, if you have seen one green tree, you have seen them all. They think if you travel so much, you must get bored. But surely you don't think that holds true for an adventurer? After all, we can see the colour of each culture and hear the music the people play each day. For us, ...


14 Aug | Shannon

Hiking along Pennine Way: My Personal Escape

I have been bitten by the travel bug, like so many others, so when my holiday came around, I knew it was time to get away from home. Rather than going sight-seeing in Paris or wine tasting in Italy, I decided that hiking along Pennine Way was the best way to get away from the ...


14 Aug | Shannon

Completing the Via Francigena in 9 Days: My Cycling Tour

For the past few years, I have headed out on walking holidays, exploring and experiencing the beauty of Europe. This year, however, I wanted to try something different. Instead of hiking or walking, I wanted to do a cycling holiday. I chose to complete the Via Francigena in 9 Days, and it was one of ...


14 Aug | Shannon

Dordogne and the Land of the 1001 sites: An Adventurer’s Encounter

Dordogne and the Land of the 1001 sites, what could be more enticing? I was looking for a way to spend my holiday that would allow me to fully embrace another culture and another lifestyle. In Dordogne, there is so much to see, to do, and of course, to eat.   A Bit of History: ...


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