12 Oct | Gail

Walking through Romania: Unique Adventures and Encounters

My sister Emma and I went on a walking holiday to the Dolomites Mountains in Italy last year. We had itchy feet to go to another mountain range by foot, so we decided to do something different – we decided to go walking through Romania – more specifically, to Transylvania Carpathians Traverse in Romania.   …


19 Jul | Gail

Visit the last country on earth, Bulgaria: Rila & Pirin mountains

There aren’t many places left in Europe I haven’t set my footprint on. But this one is different, perhaps more personal. I have always wanted to travel around Bulgaria ever since I learnt of my roots. The Republic of Bulgaria is where my great grandparents originally comes from and where my grandmother spent most of her ...


7 Jun | Gail

Julian Alps – A Slovenian Adventure Tour by Jose Fernandez

Julian Alps are situated at the north east of Slovenia, very close to Austria and Italy. Is not only a place with beautiful lakes and incredible scenarios, is also the mountains that inspired the Nobel Prize writer Ernest Hemingway to write the remarkable “Farewell to Arms”.  In Julian Alps there are still remains of the ...


7 Jun | Gail

Hiking in the Dolomites – Walking Holiday Explained

My sister and I saw the opportunity to cross off hiking in the Dolomites from our wish list, as well as to spend more time together. As I had move to the city and my sister stayed behind in our hometown working in the farm so we don't get to spend as much time with each other ...


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