Walking Holiday in Bulgaria

We offer you the opportunity to see the wilderness of Bulgaria, a country whose beauty precedes all others. Hike on high mountains and look upon the world from bird’s eye view. Pay visit to one of the most famous monastery in Bulgaria.



GUIDED: During the trek you will visit the highest peak of the Balkans in the Rila mountains (Musula at 2925m) and the giant peak of the Pirin Mountains (Vihren at 2914m). You will explore enormous national parks, housing vast alpine meadows, rivers, glacial lakes, rare vegetation and rich animal life.


Bulgaria, often an overlooked Southeastern European country has the beauty and the mountain range to make your next adventure a Bulgarian one.

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Our Rila and Pirin Mountains trip is for seasoned hikers who are looking for a challenge. The trip starts in the capital city of Sofia and includes the highest peak in the Balkans, Musala, where hikers can see breathtaking views and a UNESCO Heritage Site, Rila Monastery. Pirin Mountains are up next, where hikers will climb the highest peak of the Pirin Mountains, Mount Vihren, where views of the other peaks and the glacial lakes can be seen. The city of Sofia will be the last stop, where hikers can enjoy the cultural sights and local foods.

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